Assault And Battery: Not Always A Pair

Although the terms assault and battery are often used together and sound alike, they are really two things. Assault is one thing, and battery is another, and people can be charged with one or both depending on what happened. To clear up the confusion around these two serious criminal charges, read below. Two Separate Offenses When you hear of someone being charged with assault and battery, it's like being charged with driving under the influence (DUI) and resisting arrest – it's two different charges. [Read More]

Drivers That Ignore Routine Maintenance Service Could Be At Fault For An Accident

Negligent drivers could find themselves served with a lawsuit after causing an accident that leaves people injured. Many drivers understand the risks of committing moving violations or driving under the influence, so they may take steps to avoid such grossly negligent actions. Unfortunately, numerous drivers possess a limited understanding of what might constitute negligence. Sometimes, a driver's refusal to properly maintain a vehicle could result in a lawsuit after the poorly maintained vehicle becomes involved in a crash. [Read More]

4 Common Nonprofit Compliance Problems

One of the major benefits available to charities operating in the United States is the option to apply for nonprofit status with the federal government through the IRS. This provides the organization with several great perks including tax exemption status, the ability to apply for public and private grants for funding, and some liability protection. However, it also requires a lot of diligent paperwork and documentation in order to remain in compliance with the terms of nonprofit status. [Read More]

A Guide On Corporate Law

Corporate law deals with the rules and regulations that govern corporations. In this case, a corporation is a legal entity created to conduct business. Such entities include multinational companies, investment banks, and small and medium scale businesses. Corporate law regulates the formation, ownership, and operations of such firms. So what corporate law issues would require a corporate attorney? Corporate Formation All corporate organizations are formed based on corporate law. In this case, business owners may register a business as a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, private or public company. [Read More]