4 Common Nonprofit Compliance Problems

One of the major benefits available to charities operating in the United States is the option to apply for nonprofit status with the federal government through the IRS. This provides the organization with several great perks including tax exemption status, the ability to apply for public and private grants for funding, and some liability protection. However, it also requires a lot of diligent paperwork and documentation in order to remain in compliance with the terms of nonprofit status. [Read More]

A Guide On Corporate Law

Corporate law deals with the rules and regulations that govern corporations. In this case, a corporation is a legal entity created to conduct business. Such entities include multinational companies, investment banks, and small and medium scale businesses. Corporate law regulates the formation, ownership, and operations of such firms. So what corporate law issues would require a corporate attorney? Corporate Formation All corporate organizations are formed based on corporate law. In this case, business owners may register a business as a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, private or public company. [Read More]

Skip The Ordeal And Make An Agreement

If you are about to begin the divorce process, the way things go depends on you. Certain hot-button issues come up again and again, and these are probably things that a couple should focus on as they settle things. Read on to find out more about these potentially contentious issues and be ready to be flexible and accommodating. Child Support Decisions about how much support is paid and who owes it is the province of the law more than the parents. [Read More]

Win Your Personal Injury Case By Remembering These Things

No one ever plans on getting injured, but sometimes things that are outside your control can happen. Maybe you were in a car accident because someone was driving recklessly, or you were injured at work after the company or another employee did not follow proper protocols. Whatever the reason, you are now left dealing with the aftermath of your injury, and that could include seeking a payout for your medical expenses or pain and suffering. [Read More]