OVI Defense Attorney: Negotiating A Plea Bargain

If you've been cited for operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI), you've made a serious lapse in judgment that can create a ripple effect throughout your life. An OVI defense attorney may be able to reduce the charges and/or negotiate better terms for the assessed penalties if they are able to secure a plea bargain.   Here are some steps to take when working with an OVI defense attorney to get a plea deal. [Read More]

Crucial Measures Your Legal Advisor Wants You To Take Immediately After A Vehicle Hits You When Riding A Motorbike

Motorcycles offer an affordable mode of transport, especially for people traveling short distances. However, they are not as safe as vehicles because they don't have a physical interior to protect riders when they get involved in collisions. Ultimately, this is one of the reasons why bikers suffer severe bodily harm when drivers knock them down. Luckily, there are numerous legal remedies motorcycle crash victims can explore to get payments for their injuries. [Read More]

The Personal Injury Settlement Puzzle

After being hit by a careless driver, you may be interested in being paid a settlement. Personal injury settlements can be a quick and stress-free way to get paid compensation. However, a settlement is only possible when several factors are present. Read on to find out about the pieces of the personal injury settlement that must be assembled correctly. Fault – This puzzle piece must be in place before you can consider compensation from the other driver. [Read More]

Benefits Of Working With A Legal Advisor When Going Through An Uncontested Divorce

Although couples don't hope to end their relationship in a divorce, separation is sometimes inevitable. When this time comes, both parties can agree on the type of divorce that will work best for their situation. Many divorcing couples prefer uncontested divorce because there are fewer disagreements. However, this type of divorce can also have its challenges. As such, you should work with a legal advisor through an uncontested divorce for the following reasons. [Read More]