What To Expect When You Meet With A Child Custody Attorney

Child custody issues can be very difficult to deal with. While some parents are able to co-parent without any problems, there are just as many, if not more, that experience major problems when it comes to child custody. If there are child custody issues that are negatively affecting the best interest of your kids, you may need to hire a child custody attorney to assist you. A child custody attorney can be a very valuable resource, and he or she will help ensure that any child custody issues that you are experiencing will be resolved in a way that benefits all parties involved. [Read More]

Medical Negligence Lawsuits After Blood Transfusions

Visiting a hospital emergency room is something that can make the difference between life and death for many people. The nurses, physicians, and other members of the staff are highly depended upon by the patients who are in need of medical care. All it takes is for one mistake to be made to completely change a patients life, such as being careless when it comes to the administration of blood when a transfusion is needed. [Read More]

What Happens If You Do Not Respond To A Foreclosure

Receiving a foreclosure can be incredibly upsetting. Foreclosures can be complex and confusing. If you hope to save your home, you have to act. You cannot ignore the foreclosure unless you are content with losing your home. If you do ignore the foreclosure, the following things can happen: A Default Will be Issued If you do not provide a response to your foreclosure notice, a judge will take that as a sign that you have no desire to work out a deal to keep the house. [Read More]

Gender Discrimination: It's Not Just In The Workplace

When most people hear the words, "gender discrimination", they automatically think of the gender discrimination that's done in some of the workplaces. However, there are a lot more instances where someone can face gender discrimination, whether they are a woman, a man, a transgender individual, or non-binary. Here are some of the other times when gender discrimination is often seen: Not being accepted for a home In many cases, a renter may discriminate against someone when it comes to renting them a home. [Read More]