Obtaining Social Security Benefits: Why Legal Support Is Important

Workers no longer able to work at their jobs may need to apply for SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) benefits. These government payments help bridge the financial gap after people stop working. However, there are quite a few issues many claimants face and they end up being turned down for the money they desperately need. You could likely use the benefits a Social Security lawyer provides, so read on to find out more.

What a Social Security Lawyer Does

When you need benefits, trying to get your application approved means going up against confusing rules and what can seem like arbitrary decisions. However, all SSDI applicants have the option to hire a Social Security lawyer to help them, and doing so is highly advisable. These lawyers are not ordinary lawyers but are approved by the SSA (Social Security Administration) for the express purpose of helping claimants navigate the SSDI system. Here are just a few reasons to hire a lawyer:

They Offer Contingency Plans

Some ex-workers may want to hire a lawyer but fear they cannot afford to do so. However, Social Security lawyers offer applicants a way to afford their valuable services using contingency fee agreements. This way of handling legal fees means you only pay the lawyer if you get your benefits approved. Then, the payment is due only when you are paid your back pay. The lawyer doesn't get all your back pay, though, because the SSA sets limits on their fees. No upfront money is needed for a professional Social Security lawyer to get started on your case.

They Get Your Application Right

All applicants must fill out the same application form for benefits. This form, though, can be difficult to complete properly. When the SSA asks for medical information, for example, many claimants may not realize how much and what type of information the SSA needs to know. That issue alone can lead to a denial of benefits. Lawyers represent Social Security applicants at appeal hearings often, and understand how to convey to the SSA what they should know about your medical condition and the way it affects your ability to work.

They Support Your Appeal

If you have already applied for SSDI benefits and have been denied, don't begin the process all over again – that is not necessary and may even lead to an instant second denial. Instead, speak to a Social Security lawyer about your appeal and let them represent you there. The lawyer will help you prepare for the hearing and interact with the administrative law judge and the vocational expert to argue for your benefits.

Speak to a Social Security disability lawyer to find out more.