Gender Discrimination: It's Not Just In The Workplace

When most people hear the words, "gender discrimination", they automatically think of the gender discrimination that's done in some of the workplaces. However, there are a lot more instances where someone can face gender discrimination, whether they are a woman, a man, a transgender individual, or non-binary. Here are some of the other times when gender discrimination is often seen:

Not being accepted for a home

In many cases, a renter may discriminate against someone when it comes to renting them a home. The renter might want to only rent to a female because they feel a male would cause more trouble. Or, the renter may not rent the unit to someone because that person is transgendered or non-binary because the person may have a problem with accepting these individuals due to their ignorance. No matter what, a renter is not legally allowed to single someone out and not rent to them simply because of the gender they identify with. Now, the renter can decide not to rent to them because their credit score is low, or for another valid reason, but gender cannot legally factor into the equation or the person trying to rent the home has a right to sue that renter for gender discrimination.

Not selling someone goods

While a business may have a sign up that states they have the right to refuse service to anyone, people are still legally protected against gender discrimination. Therefore, if someone comes in to buy goods or services, they cannot be turned away solely on their gender. For example, if a transgender person were to go into a dress store and they identify as female and they want to try a dress on in the dressing room, the business cannot refuse them the ability to do so. In that same respect, the business cannot refuse to sell them that dress.

Not allowing someone to join certain classes or clubs

In the school setting, a person cannot be prevented from joining a certain class based on their gender. For example, if a female wants to join a welding class, then they have the right to do so, as long as there is room in the class and the student is current on their school fees. In that same respect, a person cannot be refused the right to join clubs because of their gender. If a male wants to join the home economics class, they have every legal right to do so.


Anyone who feels they have been a victim of gender discrimination should immediately contact a lawyer that works in gender discrimination law, because some of these cases can become heated during the process and it's good to have a lawyer on their side.