3 Tips For Ensuring Your Social Security Disability Application Is Approved

Applying for Social Security Disability benefits is a daunting, sometimes complicated process but it's also a worthwhile one that can lead to much better quality of life. Once your Social Security Disability benefits are approved, you will receive monthly income to help pay for your bills since your disability makes it difficult or impossible to work. You will also receive health insurance and access to other benefits, including free medical transportation. Here are three tips for ensuring your Social Security Disability is approved:

Hire an Experienced Attorney

An experienced and well-qualified Social Security Disability attorney is your best ally in ensuring you win your case. Social Security Disability law is complicated and the approval process can be intimidating and lengthy. Your attorney will navigate the paperwork and processes for you to ensure your case isn't denied on a technicality.  

In most cases, a Social Security Disability attorney is only paid if you win your case and your application is approved, and their payment is typically a small percentage of the retroactive disability payment you receive. This makes hiring an attorney financially feasible no matter your situation. Most Social Security Disability attorneys also offer a free initial consultation, so you can hire the lawyer you feel most comfortable with.

Expect to Be Denied At First

A staggering 70% of applications are denied at first. If your application is denied, your lawyer will then file an appeal and you will attend an appeal hearing. Luckily, your chances of approval are much higher during the appeal phase, and even if you are denied again your attorney can file another appeal. This is one of the reasons it's so important to have the assistance of an experienced attorney during this process. Knowing that you are likely to be denied at first also makes it less likely that you will give up and become discouraged if it happens.

Gather Documentation

Documentation and evidence that show you are too disabled to work is key to winning your case. Before you begin the process, spend time gathering as much documentation as possible. This should include copies of your detailed medical records as well as any documentation from prior jobs that show you were unable to continue working due to your disability.

Working closely with an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer, such as from Horn & Kelley, PC Attorneys at Law, and following these tips will greatly improve your odds of having your application approved, which means you will soon be able to enjoy the Social Security Disability benefits that you deserve.