2 Reasons To Hire A Personal Injury Attorney To Help After An Auto Accident

Personal injury attorneys are among the most useful resources to get in touch with if you have been involved in an auto accident, mostly because they can help you navigate the sometimes tricky process of dealing with insurance companies and making sure that you get a fair settlement offer or compensation. Listed below are two reasons to hire a personal injury attorney to help after an auto accident.

You Will Likely Walk Away With More Money

One of the biggest reasons to hire an attorney to help after an auto accident is that you will likely walk away with more money by doing so. A major reason for this is that many insurance companies may not attempt to offer you a lower settlement offer than you deserve or attempt to intimidate you as much into dropping the case or accepting that lower settlement if you are being represented by an attorney. In addition, your attorney is going to be very familiar with the strategies and tactics used by the insurance company in order to get you to accept a lower settlement offer, and he or she will know exactly how to counteract those  in order to increase your settlement.

In addition, a personal injury attorney will also help you discover what other types of financial compensation you may be entitled to. For example, if you are unable to go to work after the accident, an attorney could potentially sue the insurance company and the person who caused the accident in order to get you compensated for the lost wages. In addition, if the accident has left you permanently disabled and unable to return to your previous job, you may be able to get additional compensation for that and for the ongoing care that you may need due to that disability.

You Don't Have To Pay Unless The Case Is Won

Another reason to hire a personal injury attorney to help after an auto accident is that there isn't really any risk in hiring one. This is because a personal injury attorney typically doesn't even charge you for their services unless you win the case or get some type of financial compensation.

For example, if you end up accepting a settlement offer or getting an award in court, the attorney is going to take a percentage of that money. The percentage will be based on whatever you negotiated when you first hired the attorney to represent you, but that percentage is typically going to be more than worth it when you consider the fact that even after the attorney takes his or her money, you will still likely leave with more money than you would have if you had attempted to deal with the insurance company or gone to court without an attorney.

Contact a local personal injury attorney today in order to discuss how they can help you with an auto accident and to determine just how much they will charge you if and when the case is won. You will want to hire a personal injury attorney to help after an auto accident because you will likely walk away with more money and you don't have to pay the attorney unless the case is won. Click here to find out more.